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From setting up a full-scale online store, management and optimization of existing eCommerce stores, and building & optimizing your business websites; Shopify eCommerce has it all. Starting in 2004, Shopify has become a one-stop platform to set up and manage online stores. However, we will just discuss the online store management tools offered by Shopify eCommerce (Please refer to the section “Web Development & Design” to read about our Shopify web development services).

Team Spectrum BPO has a bunch of enthusiastic Shopify experts that can manage your eCommerce stores while providing the following services:

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OUR Shopify Store Management SERVICES

Our Shopify store management team will integrate your seller accounts of major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. In this way, the difficulty of managing your digital marketplace accounts separately will be eradicated as there will only be a single platform to simultaneously operate all your accounts in an efficient manner.

Our Shopify Virtual Assistant support will make effective use of the easy user interface of Shopify eCommerce. The designated specialists will list and optimize your products through Shopify back-end which will get updated on your eCommerce storefront automatically due to the smart synchronization process. Thus you don’t need to operate each store listing separately now. Our specialized team will get that done for you in quick succession using easy-to-use tools offered by Shopify Store Manager.

Gone are the days when Social Media was only used to communicate with people. Nowadays, they are considered to be vital business tools that act as a bridge between businesses and online global communities. It has played an essential role to transform the world from being disintegrated to becoming a global village where everybody is connected and informed.

Major Social Media Platforms have now their business wings from where a seller’s social media accounts can become shoppable. Thus, making it easy for the users to automatically reach the check-out page without much hassle. Considering the aforementioned revolution of Social Media, Spectrum BPO is up-to-the-mark and aligned with contemporary business practices. Our Shopify Store Management team will integrate your social media accounts with Shopify back-end that will lead people towards your eCommerce stores. Such integration will result in an increase in traffic for your store and the overall profitability of your business.

Our Shopify experts will effectively keep a check on your upcoming customer orders and inventory count using Shopify Store Manager. With a smooth synchronization with your eCommerce store, managing orders and inventory will be pretty easy for our specialists as Shopify will pop up an order notification and show accurate inventory count without even opening your online store on the browser.

Our vibrant Shopify Virtual Assistant support is able to perfectly make use of all types of Shopify apps available on the platform’s contemporary app store. These support plugins consist of free and paid versions to enhance your eCommerce experience. Once installed, they will open up endless possibilities to set up a vast synchronization network between Shopify Store Manager, your online marketplaces, and social media accounts to provide a complete 360-degree eCommerce solution package.

Our Shopify eCommerce services also include dealing with Shopify Help Support on Live Chat. Our professional Shopify Store Management specialists possess top-notch communication skills and thus they will effectively discuss all your eCommerce store issues in detail and come up with a resolution every time once they are promptly updated about the solution by Shopify Live Support.

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